Experiment - Dust & Light

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Geometry Nodes are becoming a prominent force within Blender, similar to how dust gracefully fills a space. In this experiment, I illuminated the presence of dust particles, capturing the way they float in the air.

This effect was possible thanks to two things: volume scatter, and Blender’s new Geometry Nodes.

Volume scatter creates that beam of light by dispersing the light paths prior to their contact with the ground.

I used Geometry Nodes to scatter the particles of dust around the scene, which is a great way to create this effect. Doing it procedurally means you can also animate it — just keyframe the w property and the dust will gently float about in the air.

And that’s my experimentation on dust and light. This could be particularly useful in 3D environments to add a subtle touch of realism, which really adds something to a render.

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