Project - ChatGPT Redesign

  • UI Design

ChatGPT is an amazing tool — but its UI could use some work. That’s why I redesigned it from the ground up, and even added a couple features I thought would be cool.

Design Concept

After using ChatGPT for some time, I began to notice some ways I could improve its UI. The color palette, the settings — eventually I decided I would take the time to create a redesign concept for ChatGPT.


  • Actions — I've seen some other AI tools that have a kind of "Quick Actions" feature — a couple of easy-to-access buttons that enable you to send preset messages or set modes. This is something that I feel ChatGPT could benefit from, so I wanted to see what it would look like.

  • Improved Color Palette — Color has a big impact on UI design, and ChatGPT's palette was lacking something. I used Tailwind’s awesome color palette for this project.

  • Simpler Settings — One thing I noticed while using ChatGPT was that its settings were a little hard to use — there were multiple settings panels in different places, and it was hard to find what you wanted. I aimed to create a single control center that would have everything in one place.

All in all, I really like the way this design came out and I'm looking forward to doing more projects like this!

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