Project - Compositions Vol. 1

  • 3D Design

Boxes are used a lot in design — from bento box UIs to 3D work incorporating cubes. This composition of cubes introduces a fresh sense of minimalism and abstraction, using color and texture to emphasize depth and dimension.

Design Concept

I wanted to create an arrangement of cubes atop a base, with a variety of shapes among them. I chose vibrant colors to add a sense of playfulness, while using subtle textures like concrete and wood as contrast.


  • Variety — I set out to design a range of distinct 3D shapes that could be reused consistently across the project, utilizing Blender’s Asset Browser.

  • Vibrant Palette — I wanted infuse the render with a burst of vivid hues, using Tailwind’s wonderful color palette to create this style.

  • Textural Depth — By incorporating realistic textural elements, I aimed to add depth and contrast. This effect was created by the inclusion of wood and concrete elements within the design.

In conclusion, this composition of cubes presents a new interpretation of minimalism and abstraction, skillfully employing color and texture to accentuate depth and dimension.

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